Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Example of using anonymous ftp

To connect to the anonymous ftp server at the Univerity of Edinburgh and list the files in the login directory:
ftp> open
Connected to
Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Anonymous FTP server
The following anonymous ftp servers are also available:          University of Edinburgh (this server)           EMWAC Windows NT FTP server        Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute     Department of Computer Science        LFCS         Department of Meteorology     Computing Services        Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

When requested for a username enter 'ftp' or 'anonymous'.
If you experience any problems with this service or wish to
make a comment then send email to:

220 The date and time is Fri May 16 16:13:03 1995
Name (ftp.ed:erpl08): anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send your email address as password.
Password: enter your email address
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.

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